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I like that there is romance and excitement but nothing nasty and no vulgar language, so it is
appropriate for any age. I get bored easily reading or my mind wanders, but not with this book.It kept me interested and wanting more from start to finish. It is well written and moves fast so there are no lulls or dragging in the story. The ending left me wanting more.  I can't wait for the sequel.  Tina Davis
I just finished reading Dark Angel and I loved it! I am not a huge romance novel fan but this one captivated my attention. I couldn't reach to the next page fast enough, it will keep you on your toes!!!! This is a great book for all ages, as a romance novel it is clean and appropriate for even teens. I think that shocked me the most about this story it kept me interested and was appropriate but at the same time carried a great love story! ACTION PACKED and FULL OF ADVENTURE and LOVE...... Jessica Synder